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We are stocking over 10 vastly different types of feminized skunk cannabis seeds, including the original feminized skunk classics we all love.

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Our premium marijuana genetics are low cost and affordable, yet do not let the price tag fool you, they are bred from a premium lineage.


Our automatic Skunk Cannabis Seeds are perfect for time sensitive matters, they retain all of the sought-after Skunk properties.

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Our range of skunk cannabis seeds are hands down the very best around. From our affordable pricing to our incredibly strong genetics, there is surely no better place to buy skunk cannabis seeds online.

We continue to add brand new marijuana genetics to our already impressive range, check out our blog for the latest.

The best Skunk Cannabis Seeds Around

Skunk is a classic strain of marijuana that gives birth to a wide variety of cannabis seeds found today, Skunk is originally obtained from a mix of Mexican, Colombian and Afghan races resulting in an Indica/Sativa mix genetic.

The strain has been worked on over the years to improve it dramatically to finally produce the best of buds and taste associated with Skunk.

The female cannabis skunk seed combines the relaxed stoned effect of Indica with the energetic high associated with Sativa. The overall experience is complemented with the skunky flavour that is sweet and earthy. The plants of this marijuana strain grow uniformly and are quite robust, making them an excellent choice for any cannabis grower.

Top Products

skunk cannabis seeds

Skunk #1

Where it all began, this breed is the most popular and well known strain around. She is always in high demand and is one of the most popular options around.

fast flowering skunk seeds

Early Skunk

Crossed over with Early Pearl, she retains the majority of her Skunks parent properties but with a new, quicker flowering time of around 7 to 8 weeks.

super skunk seeds

Super Skunk

Super Skunk is lightning charged and ready to rumble! Just as potent as the original but with a heavier indica influence from her cross with Afghani


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Buy Skunk Cannabis Seeds Online

Skunk is one of the most popular and oldest strains of marijuana and it is a legendary strain used to breed most modern varieties.

It is a result of breeding different varieties in various parts of the world. The mix of genetics has resulted in the strain that offers high yields, relaxation and short flowering times. It is an Indica dominant species that combines citrus flavours and an uplifting high from the slight Sativa influence.

Our skunk cannabis seeds can be purchased right here and are by far the best quality on the market.

We are an experienced online seller of Skunk cannabis seeds and bring the classic variety of cannabis to the modern time with these high-quality seeds. You can trust us for the best breed of this classic strain at the most affordable rates over the internet.

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